Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Random thoughts on blogging

Holden thought that the blogs automatically changed backgrounds to fit the season. He was very disappointed that we didn't have our Valentines Day background yet. When I told him we had to do it, I let him choose the background and he was very excited. I had planned to never change our background.

It is easier to blog on a PC than a Mac.

Joe doesn't like to be mentioned in the blog.

Blogging gives me one more thing to be behind on.

I wish my family were better at blogging. Nathan and Liesa don't have anything on their blog. Jeremy and Taryn don't have a blog. Annie only has the post I wrote on her blog. Only Sarah is good about it.

Thanks for letting me cyber stalk all you of. You have given my life a new purpose.

Don't worry Melisa and Sarah. I don't expect you to read everything I write. I know I can be wordy.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Cub Scouts

Now that Nicholas is 8 he gets to go to cub scouts and he loves it! You would think he didn't come from Joe.
For his first pack meeting they did a David and Goliath skit. They didn't have enough boys so Holden got to be in it too. He was very excited. Here are few pictures of the skit.

Here is a picture of our little pack. Due to my calling in Primary I get to work some with the cub scouts. They are such great boys. It's been wonderful getting to know them better.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Celebrating # 8 at Chuck E Cheese

Since we are having a big "to do" for his baptism, we told Nicholas that he could invite one friend to Chuck E Cheese in lieu of a party.
I know you will all be shocked to hear that he invited Jaxon. We were too. We didn't see that one coming. :)

They all had a blast. They ran around like maniacs. Matthew loves balls so much that Joe and I spent most of our time at the basketball game and skee ball.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Welcome To The Family Jarod

My little sister Rachel gave birth to her sixth baby on January 20th. He was born in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. How crazy is that? He just really wanted to make sure that he had a great story when he got older.

We are very excited that you are here, Jarod. We may be loud and crazy but we will love you tons. (Perhaps more than you'll want.)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Nicholas

Where has all the time gone? I feel like I was just in the hospital with you. You, my son, are such an important part of our lives. We feel blessed to be given the chance to watch you experience life. We love you.
Here are some things about Nicholas.

N-Nice. Especially with his little brothers. He is always watching out for them.

I-Imaginative. He can come up with some great stories. Of course they are all centered on one type of superhero or the other.

C-Curious. Ever since he learned to talk Nicholas has been asking "why" and "how does that work." He always has a question.

H-Humorous. Nicholas is always reading joke books and trying to make others laugh.

O-Obnoxious. But just a little. He is an 8 year old boy and I think they just can't help it.

L-Loved. Not only by us, but by loads and loads of people.

A-Amazing. I know I have to think that, I am his mom. But it is true. He really is.

S-Sweet. I've seen him try and cheer up anyone who is sad. He has a tender soul.

Happy Birthday Nicholas. We wish you the happiest year ever.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Holden with Baby

My kids really love babies.  A family in our ward had a cute little girl and let Holden hold her.  He was so excited and asked me to take a picture.  How could I not, look how cute my baby is holding a real baby.  

Due to technical difficulties and the world conspiring against me

Every year for Christmas I make a calendar for my family and one for the Metzger family. I've done it for so long that everyone just expects them now. I love to do them and I like that everyone waits for them.
This year I didn't get them done in time. My first obstacle was my procrastination. I always start way too late.
First I have to find a picture of everyone. (That sounds a lot easier than it is.) It's always hard to find a picture of Forest. This year I even resorted to taking pictures off of Facebook. Next, I have to scrapbook the pages and scan them into the computer. I only had to stay up until 2:00 a couple of nights to get to this point. Then I went to print and discovered that not only am I a technological cave woman but that the world doesn't want to reward my procrastination.
I couldn't get them to print off our new Mac. So I emailed them to myself and loaded them onto the PC. When they finally started to print, I noticed that the marker Matthew crammed up the printer had done something to the alignment and it wasn't printing right. In my desperation to finish the calendars in time I took all my birthday money and went and bought a new printer. I came home, hooked it up, attempted to print, failed, and gave up.
I did finish. They were just late.
Here are a few pages from this years calendars. These are Nicholas's picks.
Metzger Calendar

Woolstenhulme Calendar

Monday, January 5, 2009

Jonston's Photo Shoot

In December our friends, Janine and Dave, added baby number five to their family. Joe took some pictures of little Jonston Butters and his parents. Here are some of our favorites.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Practice Photo Shoots

Occasionally, Joe will schedule a photo shoot at our house.  Before the real subjects come he makes us pose so that he can check his lighting and other photographer things.  Every mother thinks her kids are beautiful, but look at my baby's face.  Is there a more precious smile anywhere in the world?  I am not a huge fan of pictures of myself but I thought I would post of few of me and Matthew so that they would know they had a mother.   


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

This year the Yeagers invited us over and we had a really nice time celebrating the beginning of 2009.

Here are Caleb and Matthew hanging out watching Dick Clark. They stayed up to greet the new year with all of us. They were out right after that.

We all played games, even Joe. Doesn't he look excited to play? We also ate yummy ham sandwiches (Nicholas's favorite), visited (my favorite), and made time capsules (Melisa's cute idea.)

Here is the Ackermans first family picture of 2009.

And here is the Metzger family toasting in the New Year. (Look how much Eli wants to be in our family!)

We hope that the New Year brings each of you of love and happiness.