Monday, March 22, 2010

The bunkbed

The BEST news we've had this month.

Matthew went to the doctor to have his platelets checked. 137! That's right. 137! That is almost double last month, with NO medication or intervention.

Due to his low platelet count I haven't allowed him to go up on the top bunk with Nicholas even for a minute. It was probably an overkill, especially the last few months when his platelets were hanging around the 75 mark. I told Matthew that if his platelets went above 100 I would let him go up and read with Nicholas on his bunk. All month Holden has been praying that his platelets would go above 100, so this is a real answer to a child's prayers. The normal range for platelets is between 150 and 400. But with a platelet count of 137 Matthew is out of any real danger.