Friday, November 30, 2012

Thankful List

On Facebook, people post something they are grateful for every day in the month of November. I decided to jump on board this GRAND idea.  Here are my posts.

November 1st:  
I AM THANKFUL FOR FACEBOOK!  How else would I stalk you all?

November 2nd:  39 years ago, one Dolores Metzger gave birth to a baby boy who would grow up to be the world's most awesome husband.  Happy Birthday Joe! Today, I am grateful for you!

November 3rd:  I am grateful that my mom and dad loved me enough not to kill me during those annoying preteen and teen years. ♥

November 4th:  I'm glad that I live in this beautiful world. Heavenly Father created for me.

November 5th:  Food, Glorious Food!

November 6th:  I am grateful that cold weather ENDS!

November 7th:  I'm grateful for frogs and snails and puppy dog tails.

November 8th:  I am grateful for....YOU!!!

November 9th:  As the sun rose this morning, I was grateful for the way each new day feels like a chance for a new beginning.

November 10th:  I am blessed with 3 amazingly wonderful sisters. However, today I am only grateful for Annie, because it is her birthday!

November 11th:  Diet Mountain Dew, ice, and a straw that is what I am grateful for today. Well, everyday really.....

November 12th:  You know how when someone you care about gives you a hug and for a moment it feels as if everything will be alright? I am grateful for those moments.

November 13th:  I am grateful for random acts of kindness.

November 14th:  Happy Birthday Matthew Metzger!  I am grateful for you, my little alliteration.

November 15th:  I have some pretty amazing Aunts. I'm grateful for them.

November 16th:  Without music, life would be a mistake.- Nietzsche.

November 17th:  I'm grateful that I really never cared for Twinkies.

November 18th:  Remember that time we were talking and I just walked away? I'm grateful that you are still my friend.

November 19th:  I am grateful that I am very comfortable with the words, "good enough."

November 20th:  I am grateful for good books. Now if I could just find time to read one.......

November 21st:  There is hope smiling brightly before us.  I am grateful for hope.

November 22nd:  Candy corn, yam balls and cartloads of pumpkins.  I am grateful for traditions that help make the holidays magical.

November 23rd:  I am grateful that "stuff" is not important enough to me to wait in line all night and fight crowds.

November 24th:  I am grateful that the road rash on my face from falling during my run yesterday isn't worse.

November 25th:  I am grateful for all the great examples I find all around me everyday. People really are amazing!

November 26th:  Hey all you villagers out there, I am grateful for your help in raising my children.

November 27th:  I ♥ letters and cards and am so grateful for the Mail Service.

November 28th:  For his special birthday breakfast this morning Anders chose to have hot dogs and french fries. I am grateful for the way newly five year old's brains work.

November 29th:  I am grateful for love, both given and received.

November 30th:  I am grateful that this is the last day I have to think of something to post on FB.