Friday, February 21, 2014

Bounce Town

Over February vacation we went to Bounce Town with our friends The Hollands and The Longs.  They had a bunch of big bounces houses to play on.  Some had slides.  Other had cool things to climb on.  They also had a climbing wall for those brave enough to try it out.  Here is Matthew climbing on up.  Ends up Matthew is quite the Mountain Goat.  

Smith College

There are a plethera of small liberal arts school in our area.  And many of them have amazing green houses and botantical gardens.  Callie, a friend from church, organized a trip for us during Smith College's flower show.  There were tons of amazing blooms.  It made spring feel within reach.  Which is nice because we are still FREEZING!  Most of the moms who went had babies.   Matthew and I enjoyed playing with the little ones.  

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Yankee Candle

On the Thursday of break we headed off to Yankee Candle.  Their flag ship in Deerfield has fun displays and super great toy store, and even a stage when automated hillbillies perform daily.  During the school break they had free lego kits for all the kids and performances by some of the local dance studios.  Of course we invited all our friends to come along with us.  It is always more fun in a group.
Here are all the little kids on a boat you can climb on in the toy store.

The Holland kids were really into posing with the displays.  Here is Gavin with a nutcracker.
And here is Zoe with the Wicked Witch.

Here is what a Zac, aka teenager with a cell phone, looks like when dragged on family outings.

And here is what a husband does when his wife drags him along to hang out with a bunch of kids and their moms.

It really was a fun day.  Thanks for coming Friends!


I am a three season mom.  I don't do winter.  Luckily, we have good friends who do.  Herb Holland graciously took my boys along with his to go sledding during February Break.  

Don't they look joyous?

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lego Movie

Wednesday is $5 movie day!  So we set off to see the new Lego Movie. It was great. I did feel bad for the father.  I mean the moral of the story is that you should allow the kids to mess up your perfectly organized assembled Lego kits.  We did love the theme song, Everything Is Awesome.  It sure it catchy and I am sure we will sing it a lot.

The had these fun displays in the lobby. 
 Here is Anders.  See his cute little face in the back row
And here is Holden.
Remember, everything is cool when you're part of a team.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Hot Chocolate

We love our hot chocolate.  Of course when you put creamer in it and put loads of whipped cream and toppings on it, who wouldn't.  One of the things that I love about our hot chocolate habit, is when  we sit around the table to drink it and visit.