Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nicholas Is A Bear

Nicholas earned his Wolf badge at our Blue and Gold Banquet.  We are very proud of him for all his hard work.  He loves scouting.   The boys did a skit about the history of scouting and Nicholas lead the flag ceremony.   (Sorry about your blurry face, Brother Lewis.)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Sunbeam, A Sunbeam, I'll be a Sunbeam For Him

So it happened. My baby left nursery and is now officially in with the big kids in primary. He loves it. He did great, no tears, fears, or worries. Mom on the other hand was a mess. I cried when I left him in the primary room. And then I had to leave Gospel Doctrine class because I started again.

Here is his class. Look how happy he is to be there.
We are very lucky to have the BEST Sunbeam teacher in the whole church. Sister Mulchay is wonderful and Matthew loves her. He is always talking about what Sister Muchay teaches him.

Here they are in their classroom. Serenity, Ava, Matthew and Moroni.

I hate that my baby is growing up. Can someone please slow it down?