Friday, August 8, 2014

Special Drinks

One of our favorite things about visiting Utah is the drinks you can only buy there.  Here are our picks for this trip.

Come on.  Where else in the world but Utah county could you buy caffeine FREE Mtn Dew?  Since our kids aren't allowed to drink Mtn Dew, this is a big giant deal.  

I mean look how excited their faces are.  OK the photo is a little staged, but I swear they really were this excited about finding the caffeine free Mtn Dew.

And this is the other treasure only found in Utah Diet Code Red.  Besides the one my daddy stole out of the ice chest during the family reunion, I drank the WHOLE 12 pack in just a few days.  I get a little gluttonous  while on vacation.  Isn't that why we go on vacation?