Sunday, July 31, 2011

Washington DC

We had to drive through Washington DC, so we planned to spend the day there, visiting all of the sites at the Nation's Capital.

This is a picture taken at the WWII Memorial. Each star represents 100 service men and women who were killed. The WWII Memorial is breath taking and a nice reminder of the Greatest Generation.
The Washington Memorial. Pretty Amazing!
We ate a sack lunch on some benches at the Mall. If you look way in the back you can see the Capital building. We did not walk down to see it.
And this is why. I'm not sure if this picture captures how hot and humid it was in DC when we were there. But look at Matthew's hair and Nicholas's face and you get the idea.

The Lincoln Memorial. My favorite. On the sides of the Memorial they have the Gettysburg Address and Lincoln's 2nd inaugural address carved into the walls. They are such inspiring speeches. I wish I could vote for him.
The boys in front of the White House. Isn't Holden's shirt perfect for our visit? It wasn't even planned.


For our summer vacation this year we headed to Williamsburg, Virginia. We left really early and drove. Joe feels it is important to document the actual driving so here you go.

Here we are all buckled up and ready to go. We were suppose to leave at 4, but set the alarm wrong and left at 5 instead. The boys were sleepy but excited to be headed out.

One of our many potty breaks. If you've ever traveled with me, you understand the significance of the word many.

We drove through New York City. Even driving through the city is exciting.

There are lots of amazing bridges between Massachusetts and Virginia. Here is one of them.

But let's be really honest, this is the reason the boys like car trips. Lots of video game time.

Saturday, July 9, 2011