Monday, February 28, 2011

Embracing the Geekiness

Lately there has been an onslaught of evidence that the members of the Metzger family are geeks.

Evidence #1

Spinner Magazine published a top 10 list of the biggest geeks in music. Near the very top at position number 3 is They Might Be Giants. The signicance of this? We love TMBG. They are the boy's favorite band. (Yes, even beating out Phish.) Nicholas got an MP3 player for Christmas which is loaded almost entirely with TMBG songs.

Evidence #2

Speaking of Christmas, Joe and I got the kids a telescope for Christmas. A really big one that can see the spot on Jupiter. Wrapped up it was taller than Holden and Matthew. Just the fact that we would get them that instead of something cool like a Wii, provides tons of proof into our inner geek.

Evidence #3

The other day our friends invited us to go to the Connecticut Science Museum with them. The boys were so excited you would have thought that we were on our way to Disney. Upon leaving they were so sad and kept asking when we were coming back. There is a fun, even if it is smaller, science museum in Springfield and if I were a willing participant, we would go daily. It isn't just science museums though. Given carte blance to pick an activity for our family to do in New York City, Holden chose to go to the Metropolitan Museum Of Art.

Evidence #4

Our trips to the library are a highlight of our week. We leave with about half the library. And not just fun books, but all sorts of non-fiction as well.

I think you are getting the idea, even if I don't mention the fact that I homeschool, that we sing in the car, that we all get super excited if we catch Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me (The NPR news quiz show) on the radio, or that last night the boys were hugely disappointed that I made them turn off a documentary on origami to go to bed.

While my first inclination was to deny the evidence and continue under the assumption that we are cool, I have decided to embrace the geekiness. Metzger are geeks. But, we're pretty cool ones.