Saturday, November 19, 2011

Matthew's Birthday Party

My five year old is so particular. He planned every aspect of his birthday party. It had to be an animal party. There had to be a pull string animal pinata. There had to be an animal craft and animal games. We had to have pizza, but it had to be from Little Caesars Pizza. He had to have mouse cupcakes, with licorice whiskers and vanilla wafer ears. (Which Melisa very kindly made for him.) And of course Caleb Yeager had to not only come, but be there first to arrive. Otherwise, according to Matthew, the party would be ruined.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Matthew's Birthday

Here is the birthday boy! So excited about his special birthday breakfast. On the menu is bacon, waffles, and hot chocolate. Yum, Yum!

And here is the birthday boy not so happy that he has to share the spotlight with his brothers, even for one minute.
Matthew wanted to go to Taco Bell for lunch on his birthday. So I drove him to one and he informed me that it was not the right Taco Bell. Apparently, the Taco Bell by the boy's school is much better than the Taco Bell on Boston Road.
So after driving to the correct Taco Bell and ordering his special drink Matthew was very happy to hang out with his very favorite person... ME!

The Metzgers have a tradition of going out to eat on Birthdays. The birthday boy gets to pick where we go. Matthew picked to go to Red Rose. (A family favorite pizzeria here in Springfield.) Unfortunately, November 14th fell on a Monday and Red Rose is closed on Monday. So we headed over to Golden Corral because in August, Holden wanted to go to Golden Corral for his birthday. BUT, my family was in town and they love Red Rose and wanted to go there. At that time, we promised Holden that we would give him a rain check on Golden Corral. This we felt would be a perfect time to cash in Holden's rain check. The only problem with said plan is that we pulled into the parking lot of Golden Corral and the line was out the door and around the building. What is the deal with that place? Who waits in line that long for food? And what is the deal with the universe? Does it have no idea how carefully I plan things out and how upset I get when they don't work out?

Anyway, we ended up at Red Robin. With two rain checks for eating out. One for Golden Corral and one for Red Rose. Joe met us there. We had a really nice time, in spite of the plan failure.

Joe had to help Holden pick something. Holden has a hard time making up his mind and committing to things. Where does he get that from?
Nicholas was shocked when I told him he didn't have to order off the kids menu.
We came home, sang happy birthday, blew out candles, and ate cake. Matthew opened the present from his brothers. A very cool remote control spider.
Here is Matthew's Birthday Banner. Another Metzger Family Tradition. I am sorry it is so hard to read. Matthew was very particular on where each letter went. It was all about how it looked without regard to readability.
All in all a fabulous day! Happy Birthday Baby! I love love love you!

Dear Matthew,

FIVE! Today you are turning five. You are so big. And everyday you learn and grow a little more. It makes me feel old that my baby is so independent now. You can read. You can get yourself dressed. You can make your bed. You won't even let me walk you to primary now. I hope you know how important you are to our family. Your big brothers adore you and try so hard to watch out for you. Everyday you make your dad and me smile.
Often, I say to you, "Thanks for being my son."
To which you reply, "I didn't have a choice."
Choice or no choice, we are glad you're a Metzger. What would our lives be like without our Matthew Emerson Metzger?
You share a birthday with my Grandpa Woolstenhulme. He was a good man and I hope you will honor the heritage that he left you.
My wish for you this year is that you will grow big and strong not only physically but in a knowledge of God and His love for you.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Joe's Birthday

Joe turned 38 this year!  He wanted to go to Ginger Blossom for his birthday but we couldn't because the power was still out from our big October snow storm.  We ended up eating at another restaurant where he could get sushi.  Then we came home opened his gifts, sang happy birthday, and had cake.

Dear Daddy,

Happy Birthday! I'm glad your my daddy. I like when you let me watch stuff on my DS. I love how you tell me stories. Sometimes, they are funny. I'm glad that you took me to the They Might Be Giants concert. I hope you get what you really want for your birthday.