Sunday, July 19, 2009

Our Weekend

My Matthew has had some unusual bruising the past few months. I had this nagging feeling that it wasn't normal, but ignored it until I just couldn't anymore. So I called the doctor and asked if I could bring him in to have some blood work done. The phone conversation to set up the appointment went something like this.

: He's two and you want to bring him in for some bruising?
Me: Yes
Receptionist: Does he have a fever?
Me: No
Receptionist: Fatigue?
Me: No
Receptionist: Just bruising?
Me: Yep.

I probably would have canceled if I hadn't already made and canceled an appointment and the feeling just wouldn't go away. I decided to be the crazy paranoid mom and just take him in.

I take him in and the doctor says, "Yea, those bruises don't look like normal bruises. Let's get that lab work done."

Here, the panic in my chest begins to grow. I begin to take deep breathes to stave off the mental breakdown that is moments from happening.

Later that afternoon the pediatrician calls back and says, "There is good news and bad news. The good news is that his white and red counts are great. The bad news is that his platelet count is 1 and normal is around 400. You need to pack a bag and take him to the hospital. You'll be spending a few days there."

OK, here is where I'm pretty sure that my beating heart is going to break through my rib cage and gallop across the room.

I call Joe, then my visiting teacher to take the boys, calm Nicholas and Holden down, pray with them, and pack a bag. All the time convinced that the next minute will find me curled up in the fetal position in the corner.

I take my little two year old to the hospital, check in, and wait. We see a slew of doctors. The resident, the attending, the medical student, the intern, and the hematologist.

The hematologist tells us that Matthew has ITP. For some unknown reason his body has begun to fight his own platelets. In 80% of cases the body will fix itself within 12 months without any future episodes.

I can't describe the feeling of relief that I felt.

Poor Matthew had to have blood work done and an IV put in his small hand. They gave him a drug called WinRho which will help to raise his platelet levels.

In spite of spending the night in the hospital and all that entails, I felt happy, grateful, and blessed. Funny what a little perceptive will do for you. Matthew was happy most of the time. He got to watch Thomas and Elmo and play in the great toy room. He just didn't like getting the IV put in. He isn't sick at all. He's the same crazy adorable baby. Here is a video and some pictures of our stay at the hospital.


We got to come home yesterday. Matthew's platelet level is at a 22. We have a bunch of doctor visits and blood work in front of us. So all of you pray that his platelets continue to increase.

Oh and by the way, Matthew told me that there aren't any monsters at the hospital. Just in case you were wondering.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth of July

We went to New York to celebrate our country's birthday with Grandma and Grandpa Metzger.  

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Beach Day

Oh how we love the beach!  Here is our trip to Miscquamicut.  We were going to camp but the spots were taken, so we just played in the ocean and then went home.